A Good Sling Along

What’s so Brilliant About Babywearing Anyway? 

Have you ever seen a mum carrying a baby in a sling close against their body? That mamma is babywearing. There’s a reason so many mums love using a carrier or sling to hold their baby. It’s beneficial for parents and their bubs too – and it has been for centuries, all across the globe. 

Now it can be a little tricky at first to learn how to correctly put your little one into a sling. The best way to do it, is turn to other mums. Watch an experienced babywearer, practice a bit, and you’ll get the technique down pat. Note. Learning how to wear your baby is worth it. Here’s why… 

It’s Soothing (for Everyone)

It’s completely normal for you to want to hold and hug your baby. It’s also natural for your baby to want to be close to you as much as possible. Babywearing fulfills your instinctual needs and has been shown to reduce babies’ crying, especially at night-time. Less crying and more cuddling? That’s a definite win-win. 

You’re Hands Free 

It can be hard to do anything else safely when you’re holding a baby. Some parents also experience injuries to arms, wrists, and shoulders from the strain of lifting and holding baby for a long time. When babywearing, you are picking up and putting down your baby less frequently which means less stress on the thumb, wrist and arms. Plus, you have more time with both hands free. Hands free means you can make a meal, give other children attention, text a friend, shop, or even just enjoy a nice cuppa.  

Other People’s Hands Free 

It’s normal for people to be interested in babies. So too is it normal for them to want to touch a cute little baby in a stroller. Some parents don’t like it when a stranger invades their personal space or touches their baby without permission. Not to mention the potential spread of germs. Parents who change to babywearing tend to notice people are less likely to touch the baby uninvited. 

Good for Baby’s Brain  

When babies cry less, they spend more time quiet and alert. This gives them more time to observe, learn and interact with their environment. Babies who are worn are exposed to more conversation and a wider range of environments and situations. This is fantastic for their cognitive development and socialisation. 

Better for Little Bodies 

When carried correctly, babywearing is beneficial to their physical health. It’s especially good for improving digestion and avoiding colic and reflux. It also helps prevent flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and helps the development of your baby’s muscles and balance. 

Bond Better with Bub

It’s not just the physical bond you get from having your baby close. Parents who wear their babies talk to them and interact with them more. You also learn to recognise the ways your baby tries to communicate with you. Babywearing enables you to see and decipher the cues your baby is giving you sooner. 

Better for Mum Too 

Research has shown a connection between skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby and a decreased rate of postpartum depression. Babywearing also makes it easier to get some exercise. It opens mum’s social life up more as it’s easier to catch up with friends in person or online. It can also give mum a break as other adult family members or partners can wear the baby too. 

Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby. Babywearing gives you more freedom to do more of what you want with your day, while still being connected and loving to your little one. It really is the best of both worlds

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