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A special Milestone

The who, what, why and where of first birthdays!

Of all the milestones in a baby’s first year, their first birthday is certainly one of the most special. This occasion marks not only the end of a year of amazing growth and development, but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your child’s life.

As parents, we want to make this day as special as possible – in whatever form ‘special means to you! From a small, low-key affair to all the bells, whistles and unique ideas, there are so many ways to celebrate this wonder day. Just incase you’re a little lost, here some share some creative and fun ideas to make your baby’s first birthday a day to remember:

7 Ways to celebrate a first birthday

  1. Smash Cake Photo Shoot – This is a classic first birthday tradition, and for good reason. It’s adorable to watch a little one dive into their very own cake and make a mess of themselves. You can either do this as a separate photo shoot or incorporate it into the birthday party.
  2. Outdoor Picnic – If the weather is nice, an outdoor picnic can be a great way to celebrate. Set up a picnic blanket and some fun toys for your little one to play with, and have some snacks and refreshments on hand for the adults.
  3. Animal Theme Party – Babies and animals a perfect combo? So how about an animal-themed party. You could decorate with animal balloons, have animal masks and toys for the kids to play with, and even hire a petting zoo or animal show.
  4. DIY Photo Booth – Set up a DIY photo booth with fun props and backgrounds for guests to take pictures with. You can print out the photos on the spot and send them home with guests as a fun keepsake.
  5. Storybook Party – Pick a favorite children’s book and make it the theme of the party. You can decorate with characters from the book, have a storybook reading time, and even have themed snacks and drinks.
  6. Costume Party – Little ones love to dress up, so why not make it a costume party? You can have a dress-up station with fun costumes and accessories for the kids to wear, and even have a costume parade or contest.
  7. Balloons and bubbles – A birthday classic! But you can take it up a notch by having a balloon-themed party. You can have balloon animals, a balloon artist, and combine it a bubble machine, have bubble wands and bubble guns for the kids to play with. Good times!

I want to acknowledge that, planning a first birthday party can be A LOT! So remember, to be kind to yourself. Every family is different, and not everyone wants an extravagant party… and that’s okay – the perfect day for you might be a trip to the beach, morning tea and a play in your favourite local park. The most important thing is to be together and have fun with your little one (and remember to take photos).

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