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Yoga with your tribe
Guided by a calm and compassionate yoga instructor with specialist interest in pregnancy and postpartum yoga – 0ur 5 week Mums and Bubs Yoga Program is the perfect way to ease your body and mind back into a space that’s focussed on you. It’s a great way to get moving again after the rigours of child birth. 
Gain some clarity and begin to move in a calm and relaxed space, good for you – good for bub. Plus you’ll meet other Mums and have time to bond and hopefully form some great friendships.
mums and bubs yoga at the everyday mums hub in Ipswich

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Hear what other Mum's have to say...

The opportunity to connect with Everyday Mums came at just the right time for me and my babe, Lottie. I was feeling an incredible sense of disconnection as a new mum and defence spouse away from my family and a lot of my friends and that’s when Talia launched the first group. I immediately signed up and it’s been great. It has encouraged me to get out of the house, bringing together like minded mums and allowing us to embrace motherhood but also reconnect with ourselves.
Kate Johnson
with Baby Lottie

You've Got Questions...

We've got Answers!

We recommend waiting until baby is at least 6 weeks however it is really what you as the parent/caregiver are comfortable with.

This program in particular is best suited for Mums with babies aged between 6 weeks and 9 months.

You don’t necessarily need to be a first time Mum.  We understand that as Mums we are constantly learning and growing.

Unfortunately it is not possible to bring older siblings to this particular program.

Your baby.  A muslin wrap or something to place under your baby.  Water, coffee or a snack for you and your little one if they are on solids.

An exercise towel for our Mums & Bubs Fitness Class.

Please do not attend if you or your baby is unwell, including any flu like symptoms.  Just notify EM if you cannot make one of the sessions. 

Our aim is to foster the connection between Mums,  so we do not offer the option to book one off classes. Our various 6-10 week programs allow you to meet with the same group of women and babies each week, allowing for strong and meaningful friendships.

At Everyday Mums we strive to make each session a welcoming and understanding experience.  All Mums are in the same “boat”.  Babies can be unpredictable little creatures so no need to worry about your baby getting upset.  They all have their turn, trust me!!

If there are still spots available, and the program isn’t too far through – you are most welcome to join. Alternatively you can keep up to date with our forth coming programs on our website and Facebook page